Basa Basa - Homowo

Sleeve / vinyl: M / M (Still Sealed)
Format: LP
In stock

OUT NOW! The first release on the brand new Vintage Voudou label, the essential LP Homowo by Basa Basa, aka Together We Win by Basa Basa Experience! Worldwide shipping for only 6 euro (standard) or 9.50 euro (registered with tracking).

One of Ghana’s most sought-after LPs emerges from obscurity on high quality reissue. First released in Nigeria in 1979, this LP is a unique collaboration with Themba ‘T-fire’ Matebese, who propelled Basa Basa’s sound, inspired by Ghanaian traditional music, soul and afrobeat, into another dimension, adding disco elements, synthesizers and the production aesthetics of the next decade. Contains extensive liner notes and a 60 x 60 cm cover-art poster.

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Vintage Voudou

The new Amsterdam based label Vintage Voudou focuses on re-releasing a carefully picked selection of rare tropical music on vinyl, paying special attention to sound quality and print work. Vintage Voudou was founded by Alex Figueira, originally as a club night in Amsterdam dedicated to vintage tropical dance tunes. In 2013 he joined forces with Edo Bouman, opening the Vintage Voudou record shop in the heart of the Red Light district in Amsterdam. Basa Basa is Vintage Voudou’s first release, and is a collaboration of Edo Bouman and Thomas Gesthuizen aka DJ Gioumanne.