Ilaiyaraaja - Fire Star: Synth-Pop & Electro-Funk From Tamil Films 1984-1989

Sleeve / vinyl: M / M (Still Sealed)
Format: LP
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Tamil electro-funk and synth-pop 1984-1989 by South-Indian composer Ilaiyaraaja on our own Bombay Connection label!

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Indian film music invariably manages to take you by surprise, time and time again. Hard electro-funk and sweet synth-pop are not genres you would expect from India. Yet, in the late 80s electronic beats and synths were eagerly embraced by the film industry of South India along with kung fu fights, aerobics, sunglasses and jogging outfits. The rich and funky Tamil grooves of early 80s transformed into stripped electronic synthesizer music. Composer Ilaiyaraaja, AKA ‘The Maestro’ used minimal beats and synthetic arrangements to create an addictive and captivating electro synth pop sound. His experimental mind, unfailing pop instinct and advanced harmonics make the songs a feast for the ears that will grow with every listen.

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